A Michigan-Made Color Palette

What makes a color palette Michigan-made?

Well, it was designed by Michiganian color expert and designista Alisa Bobzien, for one. Also, we (and by “we” I mean Natalie and Alisa plus Mike’s kind nodding to whatever we said) worked much harder than we thought was necessary to work on colors to pick out the exact spectrum to make our Michigan-made wedding extravaganza come to life. It’s a little bit Natalie, a little bit Mike, and a whole lot what we’re envisioning for our big day.

Below is the palette, some examples of what these colors look like in other weddings and why each hue is important to us and our big day:
Black = Mike is a classy guy who likes the classics. His preference is to wear black or gray at our wedding, so that’s where we began. It was important for us to have an urban, modern feel. That another reason why classic blacks and grays (see that fellow’s dandy vest above), the colors of concrete and pavement are the right neutrals for us.

Midnight Blue = Blue matters in Michigan. From the depths of Lake Huron to the kind of night sky you only see in places like Indian River, if there is one true earth tone that defines our beloved Mitten, it’s blue. Midnight blue is the classiest blue we could think of, and the best reflection of a Michigan evening.

Fuchsia = We have no good reason for including fuschia other than it is Natalie’s favorite color. Blame it on her love of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran (a Michigan company!) or her beloved, fuchsia 1994 2-door Beretta, but the girl loves hot pink.

Red = Red and fuchsia? Yes, please. If we haven’t made it clear already, fresh Michigan tomatoes have already played a role in our wedding decisions, and there’s no reason to stop now.

Bright Yellow = There is nothing like Michigan sunshine. It’s not the oppressive, blistering force of a Miami or Dallas sun, or the rare occasion of a Seattle sunshine, but a light, comfortable and cheery yellow. We have just the right amount and degree of sunshine in Michigan to both appreciate it and get used to it. We’re lucky, we guess.

New Growth Green = There’s so much green in Michigan. From evergreens to asparagus, we’re always growing. We’re celebrating our state with our wedding because we believe that growth is being reflected in our community, our economy and our industry. Up and up we go, and and up and up goes Michigan.

And those are our colors.

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