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A Michigan-Made Distraction

Oops. We haven’t updated since November 16 – and it’s almost January! Taking six weeks away from a blog is one thing, but when there’s a wedding creeping closer and closer…well…oops! Our excuse? We could just say “the holidays” got … Continue reading

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Making Time to Make a Date

Anyone who is a reader of my personal blog knows that I have a mild obsession with the topic of time management. It’s always on my mind. Being self-employed means that every day I wake up and make my own day. It would seem the ideal situation for planning a wedding, right?

OK, so we haven’t only been working overtime. We’ve made it to an array of fun events as well, including Mike’s cousin’s delightful wedding. A photobooth is definitely on the great ideas list.
Well…maybe not. As it turns out, without a normal work schedule I am also without the normal set times one would squeeze planning a wedding into, i.e., evenings, weekends, lunch hours and when the boss is standing far enough of your desk to not hear. Continue reading

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My Mitten Across the Pond

I realize I’m a bit late in addressing the Royal Wedding, but I have a good excuse:

We really couldn’t have cared less about it.

What could our little Michigan wedding have in common with Kate and William’s? Besides the paparazzi being highly interested in both (obviously)?
In fact, the more people commented to me about the pair’s nuptials as if I should be especially interested in them, the less interested I became. Yes, Mike and I are the same age as William and Kate. We are also getting married. To my knowledge, however, no tourist shops are offering tins of celebratory biscuits with our faces on them. Seven thousand journalists are about as likely to turn up to our wedding as we are likely to spend $50 million on it.
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