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Michigan Made Success!

Michigan made wedding: check! Though it’s taken us two weeks to recover (one week recovering on the honeymoon, another to recover from the honeymoon), we (Mr. & Mrs. Vial, that is) are happy to report that our Michigan made celebration … Continue reading

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Boys Gettin’ Spiffy

Is there such thing as a Michigan-made tuxedo? A Michigan-made tuxedo for renting? We put off our tuxedo search for way too long, because we had a pretty strong inkling it was going to be a tough thing to pull … Continue reading

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Flower Girl Fun

It’s time to start dressing other people.

My dress has been chosen, all the colors are picked, so it only makes sense to start playing dress up with people. I was actually scouring Etsy for bridesmaids dresses made in Michigan when I stumbled upon an adorable dress that was just a little too “adorable” for adult members of the wedding party. Fortunately, it’s perfect for my two flower girls, Alexandra and Melanie. Continue reading

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A Michigan-Made Color Palette

What makes a color palette Michigan-made?

Well, it was designed by Michiganian color expert and designista Alisa Bobzien, for one. Also, we worked much harder than we thought was necessary to work on colors to pick out the exact spectrum to make our Michigan-made wedding extravaganza come to life. It’s a little bit Natalie, a little bit Mike, and a whole lot what we’re envisioning for our big day. Continue reading

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Locally Grown Bridesmaid Advice

As it turns out, excellent wedding advice is another valuable local good that should be taken advantage of. The more formidable bridesmaid I know is my friend Stephanie who has been in something like 26 weddings. Or somewhere around that number.

Stephanie has lots of great advice for bridesmaids and for brides who are hoping to not drive their bridesmaids bonkers. I, incidentally, would like to not drive my girls bonkers.

Good thing there’s Stephanie. She begins with very timely advice for choosing bridesmaid dresses: Continue reading

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