Accessorizing with Grace

I have difficulty with the concept of moderation. While this creates an array of colorful issues in my life, the one that has been on the forefront of my mind lately is how to neither under- nor over-accessorize for the wedding. On a typical day, I am either walking about the world with no makeup and not a single piece of jewelry, or I look like I’m on my way to a Cyndi Lauper look-alike contest. Neither of these happen on purpose; I just don’t have a very good filter.

But for our wedding day, I feel an intense need to – for the first time ever – look just right. I have no idea how to do this. I’ve looked at jewelry and veils and tiaras enough fill an IKEA-sized Claire’s, but nothing has spoken to me. Everything is either looks too gaudy or unbearably boooooooooring. But then, I remind myself, perhaps nothing has spoken to me because I am a foreigner in the land of proper accessorizing. Maybe several things were speaking to me, but I just didn’t understand the language. Maybe I’m tact-deaf.

[Insert first bridal freakout here.]


A tree full of delightful hair pieces and sparkly necklaces. It's the kind of thing that makes you feel lucky to be a girl.

But then, about a week ago, it happened. I was reading a blog post on rd I do, the delightful wedding branding and design division of Rizzi Designs in Lansing. The subject was Old Town‘s Grace Boutique and all the delightful wedding-y items owner Summer Schriner has on display.

And there it was: the perfect hair piece. It was fun and frilly, but delicate and white. It was sparkly and princessy, but it was a headband instead of a tiara. It spoke to me. I had to have it. Unfortunately, Mike and I were about to leave the state for a week. How could I leave it to chance that it would still be there? I wrote a desperate emergency email, and Summer was kind enough to hold it for me. Phew.


A fashionista bag with a Michigan-shaped tag? Gimmie!

I was expecting that picking it up today was going to be the highlight of my day, but I didn’t even realize just how delightful it was going to be. Grace is amazing. It was a good thing that I only had the sacred “wedding credit card” on me, or there would have been no hope of me walking out of there with only the headband in tow. Dresses, earrings, shoes, purses…I pretty much wanted one of everything.

I realize that the hair piece is only one part of the accessorizing, and though there is still

My terrible photography skills cannot do these beauties justice. In real life, they are so pretty that you feel compelled to clap your hands when you see them.

plenty of room for me to fall off the good taste bandwagon, my confidence has been restored. I now have the perfect accessory to build the others around, and – even more exciting – I knew it when I saw it. Plus, now I know where to start shopping for earrings.

P.S. I’m not posting a picture of the beauteous headband in question to maintain a veiled sense of secrecy around my wedding attire (pun definitely intended), but it’s easy enough to find on the rd I do blog. Don’t you love it? Aren’t you jealous?

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1 Response to Accessorizing with Grace

  1. Suzy says:

    I love it! It is the perfect compliment to your dress!!

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