Bloody Mary Bonanza

Well, hello! Did you wonder if we’d fallen off a cliff? Perhaps we snuck off and eloped after deciding we were bored of this whole Made in Michigan wedding nonsense?

We have disappeared for almost two months, it’s true, but rather than falling off cliffs or changing our entire wedding concept, we have been, as anyone who has planned a wedding will be unsurprised to hear, so busy working on the wedding that we hardly have a minute to even talk about it, let alone blog about it. Besides, since we’re down to the nitty-gritty details, I assume our readers wouldn’t be all that interested in which color table runner we finally decided on, or what the best way to decoupage 104 vases is anyway. Actually, the vases are pretty cool. I’ll probably post about those soon.

Urban Legend Bloody Mary Mix is made in Dexter, but tastes like it was made in San Antonio. By Matthew McConaughey.

But the reason I had to take a break from it all and sit down and write today was because we have stumbled across a totally unplanned but incredibly fun Michigan-made product that I have to share. A few weeks ago, I received a call from a gentleman who said he heard about our wedding and wanted to send us a bottle of his Bloody Mary mixer to try that he makes in Dexter.

Of course I say OK. It’s free Bloody Mary mix. I am no fool.

But I was worried I might be disappointed. Though one would never know it, I am a huge Bloody Mary fan. This may come as a surprise, perhaps even to those closest to me, because I never order them. This is because nine times out of ten, they are disappointing. Once a year, East Tawas, where I grew up, holds a festival in February called Perchville. During this event, my friend’s dad makes a huge batch of Bloody Marys to drink during the Chili Cook Off. They are amazing. No other Bloody Marys compare. So I don’t even order them.

With Ugly Dog Vodka and Michigan-made pickles and asparagus, of course.

But Steve from Urban Legend Bloody Mary Mix was so nice! So I asked him to send us a bottle and when it arrived I opened it up to share with my girlfriends when we sat down to decoupage the aforementioned vases.

Holy. Cow. They were so good. It’s a miracle that the vases were decently decoupaged by the end. I am not a person who is easily persuaded to change from my decided upon path, but we have determined, just a few weeks before the wedding, that Bloody Marys will be a featured drink at our wedding. Seriously, you must try this stuff. It’s spicy and rich and delicious.  And you can have one at our wedding!


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