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A Place for Pickled Produce

Guess what time it is? Well, we’ve made it through some of the major decisions, like where to hold the reception, the colors and the dress and the remaining big announcements are in the works, so…it’s time for details!

Michigan-pickled asparagus? With jalapenos? I have died and gone to heaven.
Now, normally details might be the boring part, but we hope that the details of the night are what will really bring the whole event together. There is so much we can do with our Michigan-made theme. The whole idea is ripe for becoming awesome tidbits of fun throughout the evening. It’s time to start really using our imaginations, browsing through our favorite Michigan things, and finding ways for them to come to life. Continue reading

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I have a dress!

And you don’t get to see it!

I know. That kind of ruins the fun. It hadn’t occurred to me when starting this blog that one of the biggest decisions would be one I wouldn’t be able to share until after the wedding. What I can share are some of the great Michigan places and people we visited along the way on our big day of shopping.

So here’s a little photo tour of our day:

Downtown Owosso has some yummy lunch places – and some awesome people!
The first stop was at Courtside Cafe in Downtown Owosso. I used to be the Owosso Main Street manager, so it was only fitting to begin our day of shopping in a downtown where I knew there was a great dress shop, delicious lunch choices and a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. Continue reading

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