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Your Invitation to our Wedding Brand

Is it too early to talk about invitations when you don’t have a date set yet? Oh good, because here goes:

Part of the awesomeness that is is my job is that I get to meet a lot of amazing people who are doing amazing things all the time. The other day I was lucky enough to share a coffee with Rebecca Eldridge of Rizzi Designs in Lansing while working on a story for Capital Gains. While the purpose of our meeting was to talk about a client of hers we got to chatting about all sorts of things, and she happened to mention one of Rizzi’s newest divisions, RD I Do, a service to brand your wedding day. Continue reading

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Michigan-Made Rules

I was discussing the development of this blog with some friends of mine the other night and one of them asked, “So, just how ‘Michigan-made’ does everything need to be? Does your dress have be made here? Do all of … Continue reading

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Engagement Photography

A couple of weeks ago I was having drinks with a friend of mine and she said,

“So…do you have any plans for engagement photos yet?”

She was grinning and practically wringing her and hand in such a way that suggested that she wasn’t just curious; she was hinting at something. Continue reading

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The Engagement Ring

ou could say Mike was at a little bit of a disadvantage when he was engagement ring shopping. That is, he didn’t know we were having a Michigan-made wedding wedding because, well, not being yet engaged he had yet to discuss such things.

Considering diamonds are not mined anywhere in Michigan (that we’re aware of, anyway), he still gets an A+ in the engagement ring picking category. Unaware of any conspiring on my part, Mike took advantage of one of his January snow days to hop from one downtown jeweler to the next to find the perfect ring. Continue reading

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