I have a dress!

And you don’t get to see it!

I know. That kind of ruins the fun. It hadn’t occurred to me when starting this blog that one of the biggest decisions would be one I wouldn’t be able to share until after the wedding. What I can share are some of the great Michigan places and people we visited along the way on our big day of shopping. Seriously. It was a big, long day.

So here’s a little photo tour:

Downtown Owosso has some yummy lunch places - and some awesome people!

The first stop was at Courtside Cafe in Downtown Owosso. I used to be the Owosso Main Street manager, so it was only fitting to begin our day of shopping in a downtown where I knew there was a great dress shop, delicious lunch choices and a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Here I am with some of my Owosso friends, including the Baker College crew, my City of

Cake pops from The Bake Shop are amazing! The birthday girl on the far left agreed.

Owosso homie Andrea and Sue from Owosso’s TheBake Shop, who is fully at fault for the cake pops we ate. When I called Sue and ordered some of these as a celebration of my Mom’s birthday, I had no idea the amazingness that was going to enter lives. Wow. We are official in talks to make cake pops a part of the wedding.

Our next stop was J’s Tux &

J's is a small store, but there were lots of dress options. Yea for downtown shopping!

Bridal. I used to walk by J’s on my way to work, so I knew their stuff was awesome. They in fact had some of the best prices of the day and I walked away with my eyes on three dresses there. Most of what we saw there had a very soft and romantic look, which wasn’t what I thought I was looking for, but I got very excited about.

Aren't these footies hilarious? I don't really understand the danger feet on the ground present to dresses that are absolutely not on the ground, but we had fun with them.

When we pulled into the parking space in front of our next appointment, Lett’s Bridal in Lansing, there was a dress in the window that jumped right out of the pane and into my vision of our wedding day. I was still in the car when I declared that I would be trying on that dress.

Looking inside, I found that just as J’s had a similar theme to their dresses, so did Lett’s – and Lett’s theme more my style. For lack of a better word, their dresses just went “pow.” Alisa, one of my many assistants that day (aren’t I the luckiest?) found a gorgeous white dress with a big flower on the front for me to try on. When she was helping me into it in the dressing room, she gasped and got a little teary. In fact, everyone had that reaction. And not only was the dress amazing – it had pockets! I was a little in love.

This one was almost it. Almost. Do you like how I cropped my head out of this photo to preserve the idea that Mike won't see me in a wedding dress before our wedding day?

The very next dress I tried on, however, was the one from the window. While the reaction from everyone to my entrance in that dress was similar, but instead of “look at that dress,” they all said, “look at her face!” Honestly, I pretty much wanted to jump up and down. I walked all over in it, I twirled, I sat down (I look hilarious sitting down in it), I giggled a lot. With this dress, I was a lot in love.

But we had one more stop to go! And Fantastic Finds is known to be one of the best bridal shops in Michigan, so I was prepared to be bowled over again. And indeed, there were so many fun dresses there. The really fun thing about Fantastic Finds is that it’s this big house and many of the dresses are on mannequins spread throughout different rooms and hallways. You walk through with markers and choose which you’d like to try and then the staff picks out others for you to try based on your tastes.


Fantastic Finds truly has an amazing setup. The experience itself was worth the trip, even though I didn't find my dress there.


It was very fancy. And very hands-on. And we were veryexhausted. By the time I tried on the last dress, we were in our eighth hour of shopping. I felt badly because I just wasn’t finding anything that made my heart go pitter-pat like the dress at Letts’. Again, it was interesting to see a pattern in the look of the dresses in each store. J’s was romantic, Lett’s went “pop” and the Fantastic Finds dresses were just straight classy.

What can I say? I guess I’m not as classy or romantic as I a sucker for things that go pop! After a few days of thinking it over, I returned to Lett’s a few days later and bought my dress. They even gave me a great deal because I bought it off the rack.

And in just under a year, you get to see it!

Alisa was being kind enough to demonstrate our groups mutual exhaustion by the end of the day. (Sorry, dude! I literally could not control myself from posting this picture.)

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4 Responses to I have a dress!

  1. Suzy says:

    The dress is perfect! Can’t wait to see it on the day!

  2. Alisa says:

    I would just like to add to the record that indeed, your dress is magical! And despite the last photo, I had an amazing and delightful day!

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