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Cocktail Hourski

Mike and I were both born and raised in Michigan by parents who were all born and raised in Michigan. Beyond their generation, however, our families have some pretty awesome heritages that we’d like to incorporate into our day. When … Continue reading

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Picking a Date via the Produce Method

Mike and I are in an interesting position in that we have absolutely no life happenings that would dictate when we should or should not get married. No college graduations, no residence changes, no babies pending – nothing. We could literally get married next weekend or in two years.

Well, next weekend is out. I have plans to hang out with a friend. And two years might be too long for me to wait to wear my super pretty wedding band that I’m already having trouble keeping my hands off of. So I guess those are the parameters: we’ll be getting married sometime after next weekend and before two years from now. Perfect! Continue reading

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