A Place for Pickled Produce

Guess what time it is? Well, we’ve made it through some of the major decisions, like where to hold the reception, the colors and the dress and the remaining big announcements are in the works, so…it’s time for details!

Michigan-pickled asparagus? With jalapenos? I have died and gone to heaven.

Now, normally details might be the boring part, but we hope that the details of the night are what will really bring the whole event together. There is so much we can do with our Michigan-made theme. The whole idea is ripe for becoming awesome tidbits of fun throughout the evening. It’s time to start really using our imaginations, browsing through our favorite Michigan things, and finding ways for them to come to life.

Oh, McClure's. Why are you so full of good ideas?

One of these ideas jumped out at me as I was recently waiting for a table at Kalamazoo’s phenomenal Food Dance restaurant that features locally grown foods. They have a great shop out front with all sorts of delicious pantry items, including Detroit’s McClure’s Pickles and…McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix. Idea!

What if we had a Michigan Bloody Mary Bar – a Bloody Michigan Bar – with all of the awesome pickled whatnots we have here? After all, we grow some excellent produce here in Michigan, but if you haven’t heard, it stops around November. The only way to truly enjoy year-round Michigan wonderfulness is pickling and canning – and we have some awesome picklers and canners.

This stuff is so much fun, it's out of control. Yes, I would put that sauerkraut in a Bloody Mary.

It reminded me of a story I wrote recently about this brilliant guy in Ann Arbor who owns a business called The Brinery. He brines everything from kimchi to beets using ancient fermenting methods. How awesome would it be to have a Michigan-made Bloody Mary with a locally-fermented beet in it during cocktail hour? Sounds like it would go well with some Michigan-farmed shrimp cocktail. That’s actually a thing. I swear.

So, what are your suggestions? What Michigan-made details should be sprinkled throughout the event? We’re looking for ideas from music to invites to centerpieces. Throw ’em at us!

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