Flower Girl Fun

My girls, Alexandra and Melanie Jane. Their adorableness will far outshine the dress'.

It’s time to start dressing other people.

My dress has been chosen, all the colors are picked, so it only makes sense to start playing dress up with people. I was actually scouring Etsy for bridesmaids dresses made in Michigan when I stumbled upon an adorable dress that was just a little too “adorable” for adult members of the wedding party. Fortunately, it’s perfect for my two flower girls, Alexandra and Melanie.

What do you think?

The dresses are made by Rachelle Sharlene in Detroit. I suppose I could go look at other options, compare and contrast and whatnot, but look at this dress! It’s so princess-y and fun, I’m a little jealous of it myself. I’ve also already shown the picture to Alexandra and Melanie and gotten their enthusiastic approval. Alexandra votes for red, and since that falls within our wedding colors, I say we’re good to go.

Unless I am being too hasty? Does anyone know of a great Michigan-made flower girl dress vendor I should check out?

You needed one more picture of these gorgeous girls, didn't you? I thought so.

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