Boys Gettin’ Spiffy

Is there such thing as a Michigan-made tuxedo? A Michigan-made tuxedo for renting?

Look at these handsome fellows.

We put off our tuxedo search for way too long, because we had a pretty strong inkling it was going to be a tough thing to pull off with our commitment to Michigan in mind. Sure, we could have gone to a locally-owned men’s clothing store like Lansing’s legendary Kositchek’s and had each of our groomsmen drop a $1,000 or so on a brand new tuxedo, but we didn’t really want to test the boundaries of our friendships quite that much.

Plus, we really wanted to find somewhere closer to the Metro Detroit area because that would be more convenient. But every tuxedo store I’ve ever heard of has been in a mall owned by a national conglomerate. Gross.

Here are the the colors our groomsmen will not be wearing.

So instead of researching our options, we made the really wise move of procrastinating. Really, it’s only luck that the guys will have anything to wear at all. Because we put off our research for so long, we still had no idea what we were doing for tuxes when a very nice gentleman named Rick Bourbonais saw the article about us in the Lansing State Journal and wrote to us to tell us about his store, The Brighton Tux Shop. Not only has his store been family owned for more than 30 years, but he works exclusively with a tuxedo warehouse in Livonia that has been Michigan owned and operated since 1944.

Boys sorting out all the boy stuff. I should have put Mike in charge of finding my dress.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Better yet, when Mike and I showed up on a random Monday with still no idea of what we wanted in mind, Rick was there to walk us through all the options, explain things about tuxes I would never would have even imagined existed, and in under an hour, we had everything figured out and walked out of the store ready to check “tuxedos” right off the list. And it was incredibly reasonably priced.

Tuxedos were, hands-down, the easiest, least stressful part of the entire wedding planning process. As we were getting in the car to go home, I was surprised to find that Mike wasn’t half as surprised as I was about this.

“Of course it’s easy,” he said. “We’re guys. If it was any more

complicated than that, we’d never manage to do it.”

I’m sure there’s a deeper lesson in there about why every other aspect of wedding planning is so dreadfully complicated, but I’ll just ignore that for now and keep fretting about what shoes I’m going to wear.

Ta-dah! This is what our guys will be wearing. Classy, right?


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