Michigan Made Success!

Michigan made wedding: check!

Though it’s taken us two weeks to recover (one week recovering on the honeymoon, another to recover from the honeymoon), we (Mr. & Mrs. Vial, that is) are happy to report that our Michigan made celebration was everything we hoped it would be. We have so many people to thank, and more exciting local vendors to share than we’ve even had a chance yet report. Our final few posts will be highlighting some of those, as well as sharing some of the amazing photography done by the beautiful and talented Natasha  Janardan and her beautiful and talented sister, Meghal.

Here are the gentlemanly groomsmen in their tuxes from Brighton Tux Shop and the handsome groom in his tie from Downtown Lansing‘s Kositchek’s.

They look like a serious bunch, no? You should have seen them dressed up in costume and “dancing” to The Safety Dance.

It pays a to plan an indoor wedding – especially when a downpour arrives just in time for the ceremony!

We made it back inside just in time. It was so worth it for the great outdoor photos!

There are many more photos to come! I won’t bombard everyone with pictures before the rest are ready, but for a sneak peek of more early ones, you can visit Natasha’s website.

Special thanks to my Aunt Julie and mom for making these great magnetic chalkboard favors!

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1 Response to Michigan Made Success!

  1. Cindy says:

    So did I miss what you did with the popcorn?

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