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Locally Grown Bridesmaid Advice

As it turns out, excellent wedding advice is another valuable local good that should be taken advantage of. The more formidable bridesmaid I know is my friend Stephanie who has been in something like 26 weddings. Or somewhere around that number.

Stephanie has lots of great advice for bridesmaids and for brides who are hoping to not drive their bridesmaids bonkers. I, incidentally, would like to not drive my girls bonkers.

Good thing there’s Stephanie. She begins with very timely advice for choosing bridesmaid dresses: Continue reading

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Michigan Made Wedding Dress?

It’s wedding dress time! Or at least it’s time to start considering wedding dresses, and starting down the long and┬átumultuous road of finding the right one. I started this adventure like I begin all tasks, by Googling it. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Mitten Sweets

It’s never too early to start thinking about sweets. Whether it’s the official dessert, favors or random yummies sitting around, we’re going to need to feature some of Michigan’s seriously amazing sweet tooth items. Neither Mike and I are crazy … Continue reading

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