About Mike & Natalie

If you take your Michigan map and make a fist, it could seem like Mike and Natalie grew up right next door to each other. In fact, our respective hometowns of Dearborn Heights and Tawas City could not be more different – or farther from each other – as Michigan cities go. That didn’t stop us from falling ridiculously in love with our shared state. And (oh yeah!) each other.

Mike is a musician and teacher and Natalie is a writer and downtown development geek. We met when Natalie booked Mike to play a festival in Downtown Owosso (you should hear the whole story sometime – it’s hilARrious), and we’ve been best friends ever since. When Mike proposed a year and a half later, we had no idea where to begin – except for one thing:

This is us, trying our best to look not adorable. It's a daily, uphill battle.

We knew we wanted a wedding that celebrates our shared love of Michigan. To Natalie that means locally grown tomatoes and wildflower bouquets. To Mike it means live music from hometown musicians and Polish-Detroiter perogies. And neither of us plan to go without our beloved Dark Horse Raspberry Ale on the most exciting night of our lives.

To be honest, we have no idea what our wedding will end up looking like. We know it will be insanely fun, mostly because we’re so excited to be husband and wife, we can’t wait to throw confetti in the air and make it official. But also because we feel we’re so blessed and are so proud to be a part of the vibrant community of Michiganders, we’re just itching to celebrate all of it.

So here’s the challenge: our goal is to build a wedding that is as 100 percent, “Pure Michigan” as we can. We want our big day to be a showcase of our home state in every way possible. This blog is intended to not only track our progress, but also to show off the quality and variety of Michigan-made awesomeness from which we have to choose.


8 Responses to About Mike & Natalie

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  5. oreillyshan says:

    This is such an amazing idea!!! Congrats to both of you.

  6. What a great idea! I know of an amazing cake designer from the GR area…if you want to see some of her work, her FB page has pics available to view. (and the cake tastes delicious, too!)


  7. Mario Messina says:

    Hi My name is Mario Messina I have a band that would be excellent for your reception we cover pretty much everthing (no rap or Techno) from Frank Sinatra to the Eighties also would be able to learn songs at your request if would you be interested in specific tunes..I can send a cd or you can listen to some of the music I do by Googleing you tube Timeless Classics with Mario Messina the page will show “Someone to Love’ a song I wrote for my wife ..if you click on that song the top of the page were it says 16 videos you can listen to more. I am also on Facebook under Timeless music productions..I will post some music there. The best to you both.

    Mario Messina
    517 545 0634

  8. dacek13 says:

    The items requested for the wedding registry are all complete. We hope they get bought for the bride! https://twitter.com/natalieburg

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