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Mitten Roasters

Every little girl dreams about her wedding details, right? What her dress will look like, what kind of flowers there will be, the cake, the coffee…

Or wait – not the coffee? Well, I guess that one is a stretch. But in our case, we really do care what kind of coffee is served at our wedding. Though drinking coffee at weddings is usually reserved for the elderly and your uncle who drove from Cleveland and refused to get a hotel room, I have a feeling our own wedding might be an exception for us. It’s likely going to be a long day, and an extra boost of caffeine will probably be welcome. More importantly, we care about the coffee that is served because Mike and I love coffee. Making coffee together in the morning (OK, Mike making me coffee in the morning) and drinking it together is something very special to us, and we love trying different brands and roasts. Continue reading

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Michigan food time!

We have been thinking about the food at our wedding since, well – we actually thought about the food first. Not to seem unromantic and/or insane, but practically the first thing I thought about after Mike proposed was, “Ooo! We are going to have the best food at our wedding!”

Yup. That sounds both unromantic and insane. Our desire to express our love of Michigan through our wedding, however, makes food a natural centerpiece. We grow and make a lot of good food here. Mike and I actually picked our wedding date based on the time of year when the best produce Michigan has to offer is available. So stakes are pretty high here. Continue reading

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