Michigan-Made Wedding Cake (Pops!)

Here are some of the other delicious things made at The Bake Shop. Watch out. Drool is bad for keyboards.

Mike and are just aren’t cake people. In fact, one of the first things we talked about regarding the wedding was whether or not we could get away with not having a cake. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with cake, we just both feel very strongly that nearly every other desert food is better. Why eat cake when there is such thing as brownies? Who would chose a cake of any flavor over a mixed berry pie?

From the minute I tried cake pops from The Bake Shop & Coffee House in Owosso, however, I knew all of our problems were solved. Sure, the word “cake” is in the title, but let’s be serious: these are delicious, frosted, spherical brownies on sticks. And they’re AMAZING.

The Bake Shop & Coffee House in Owosso is jam packed full of Michigan-made fun.

This is no surprise, as everything Susan and April Treen – the masterminds behind The Bake Shop – make is magic. And better yet, their shop is also a retail store that features Michigan-made gifts. Could it possibly get better?

Oh yes, it could. Being the clever ladies they are, they have also constructed this amazing cake pop wedding stand so we can literally have our cake and eat it too. What geniuses. What artists of butter and sugar and all that is good.

Ta-dah! We can pick a delicious and quirky alternative to wedding cake and still please the traditionalists among our wedding guests. We win.

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3 Responses to Michigan-Made Wedding Cake (Pops!)

  1. Suzy says:

    Those cake pops are amazing!

  2. Kim says:

    Do you sell the cake pop stands, if so how much?

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