Save the Dates for the Mitten State!

It’s smart, one would think, to combine a wedding task with a task you were going to do anyway, right? Our brilliant plan this December was to send out save the dates with our Christmas cards. The advantage and the achilles heel of this heel of this plan, as it turns out, is that Christmas cards should really be sent out by a certain date. Christmas. Save the dates should be sent out in a timely fashion as well, but the date isn’t exactly set in stone. Or the Gregorian Calendar.

In short, finding addresses – not to mention to the time to write cards and address envelopes – took a little longer than expected. Even as I write you may be thinking, “Hey, I’m Natalie’s aunt. I should probably be invited to her wedding. And I wouldn’t mind a Christmas card either.” No worries. Your holiday cheer is likely still on the way. In January.

The good news is that we did take the time to send only the Michiganiest cards with the Mitteniest save the dates inside. Those familiar with our blog will recall that we are fortunate enough to have a talented and delightful graphic designer on retainer for all of our design needs. In fact, Alisa Bobzien just officially unveiled her new business, SIBLING, so you too can be the possessor of items she has created (find her on Twitter, Facebook and Etsy!).

It's so cute you just want to eat it, right? Also, because it looks like a cookie.

We used Alisa’s Happy Holiday mitten cards for our Christmas greetings. Not only is the adorable design Michigan-borne, but the paper is made in Michigan, and the cards were printed at Ypsilanti’s VG Kids. All great stuff. And because we are as slow to post about the cards as we are in sending them out, you can now get them for 25% off. You know, because it’s January.

And what was (was/still will be) inside these fun cards? Our save the date magnet! That’s right, our dream to stare at people in their own kitchens will finally come true. You’ll note that the design Alisa made coordinates with both our wedding color palette and this blog. This is why it’s good to have talented friends.

Now that (most of) the save the dates have gone out, we’ve got a lot more planning to do for that date. It is 2012, after all, so we’d better stop slacking. Up next we have picking the caterer, interviewing florists and bridesmaid dresses!


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