A Michigan-Made Distraction

Oops. We haven’t updated since November 16 – and it’s almost January! Taking six weeks away from a blog is one thing, but when there’s a wedding creeping closer and closer…well…oops! Our excuse? We could just say “the holidays” got the best of us, but we have a much cuter, furrier reason to be otherwise occupied – a new puppy!

Though showing off our new little girl has very little (OK, nothing) to do with our wedding planning, she is technically Michigan made. We adopted her from a family who had taken in an abandoned but bubbly boxer mix who turned out to be pregnant. We didn’t exactly plan the adoption in advance, but as soon as we saw little Lois, we knew it was inevitable that we’d take her home. Here’s a glimpse at all the Michigan fun we’ve been having with her instead of working on our wedding:

Baby Lois before she was Baby Lois! We adopted her at 6 weeks, but this is a photo of her in her very first days.

She was so cold when she first came home! We got her a jacket that she grew out of in a week.

It took awhile for our 7-year-old boxer, Gunshy, to warm up to Lois. But now they're best friends.

Mike and Lois took a trip to the 70s for Thanksgiving this year.

Sleepy puppy.

Lois loved her first romp in the snow! And then hated every visit to the snow thereafter.

She is quickly becoming a master in the art of snuggling.

Guess who star of Christmas was this year?

Grandma loves her grandpuppies!

And now, we commence with the wedding planning.


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2 Responses to A Michigan-Made Distraction

  1. Alisa says:

    Is Mike seriously watching that tv? IS THAT A NINTENDO?!?

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