Mitten Roasters

Every little girl dreams about her wedding details, right? What her dress will look like, what kind of flowers there will be, the cake, the coffee…

Or wait – not the coffee? Well, I guess that one is a stretch. But in our case, we really do care what kind of coffee is served at our wedding. Though drinking coffee at weddings is usually reserved for the elderly and your uncle who drove from Cleveland and refused to get a hotel room, I have a feeling our own wedding might be an exception for us. It’s likely going to be a long day, and an extra boost of caffeine will probably be welcome. More importantly, we care about the coffee that is served because Mike and I love coffee. Making coffee together in the morning (OK, Mike making me coffee in the morning) and drinking it together is something very special to us, and we love trying different brands and roasts.

And even more importantly, there are so many great Michigan coffee roasters that we want the opportunity to talk about! I know, you’re doing some sort of calculation in your head measuring the distance between Michigan from the equator, and it’s true the coffee is one of the few things we don’t grow here. But boy, can we roast it.

So here are a few of the choices we have in which coffee we’ll feature on our big day:

Paramount Coffee

You have to admit, the bags are adorable.

The idea for this post actually came to me this week as I was sipping on a cup of Fall inLove Caramel Apple coffee from Paramount. Now, I’m not usually one for flavored coffees, but I sort of fell for the packaging in the store last week. We drink Paramount’s mi Coffee roasts all the time, so I knew I wasn’t taking too much of a risk on this Lansing-based company’s new flavor. But holy cow. It’s so delicious. Perhaps a flavored roast for after dinner? It will be almost fall by next August…

Our typical go-to roast with Paramount is the Breakfast Blend that we buy by the pound at our neighborhood’s Howell Village Market. Yum, yum and yummy.

Zingerman’s Coffee

Just thinking about Zingerman's Coffee makes me want to come up with an excuse to get in my car and drive south. Mmmm...

One in the bizarrely long list of jobs I’ve held was as a customer service person at Zingerman’s Mail Order. Our (way super fun) office was about ten yards from where Zingerman’s Coffee Company does their roasting. Before this job I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between Starbucks and Maxwell House. But after going to work every day to the smell of roasting coffee beans and drinking bottomless cups of the amazing stuff during every shift, I was hooked. I became an accidental coffee snob. I don’t know any of the correct terms or how to accurately describe good coffee, but I’m now really excellent at identifying “good” and “crap.”

Zingerman’s Mokha Java and Sweet Yellow Brazilian roasts fall into the way good category. Though I no longer live in A2, I have to get Zingerman’s coffee every time in I’m town (which is a lot). It’s like’s like a hot, lovely cup of Ann Arbor.

Biggby Coffee

Biggby is taking of the local coffeeshop scene. Michigan's answer to Starbucks is unsurprisingly more whimsical and down-to-earth.

If you want to have your socks knocked off by a statistic, wrap your mind around the fact the Biggby is the nation’s fastest growing coffee company right now. Watch out Starbucks, Lansing’s whimsical, accessible and super tasty alternative is nipping at your heels.

The real magic of Biggby is the fun atmosphere and great cafe environment. Our favorite roast from Biggby isn’t anything fancy. Just the good ‘ol Biggby Best blend is a perfect everyday coffee. I’m also a sucker for their yummy yogurt parfait thingys they sell, but I think there’s a low chance of those showing up at our wedding.

Schuell’s Coffee

We actually started buying this before we even realized it was a Michigan company. We were fans of their French Roast before I even noticed the Mackinac Island Fudge flavor. And wow, am I glad I noticed it. Not we get it all the time, along the the Michigan Maple that is part of the company’s Great Lakes line. The only thing better than a Michigan coffee company is a Michigan coffee company that names their roasts after Michigan stuff. Right?

Oh, and PS:

We’ve never even had this coffee before, but it turns out the Paramount roasts the coffee for Downtown Clare‘s Cops and Donuts. If you haven’t heard of this place, go there immediately. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have learning about a community supported development project.

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8 Responses to Mitten Roasters

  1. Thanks for featuring us! Good luck on your quest for the perfect Michigan-made wedding 🙂

  2. Alisa says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the FALL IN LOVE packaging! Maybe after the caterers make the coffee, they can sprinkle the empty bags around on the tables.

  3. cressie says:

    My husband has turned me into an accidental coffee snob as well. Definitely LOVE the Caramel Apple. Another Paramount favorite is Jamaican Me Crazy!

  4. You should try Kalamazoo Coffee Company, too. My Brother-in-law’s brother is part owner/roaster/everything there and we get the coffee for gifts and love it. You can now get it at the VG’s in Howell as they are starting to sell it in Spartan stores.

    [and he didn’t even pay me to put this plug out here!]

    • natalieburg says:

      Reeeeally? Between Mike’s love of Kalamazoo and the family connection, we might have a new favorite before we even try it. I always forget that we have a VG’s in Howell, but now I definitely have a reason to go!

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