Jazz from the Mitten

Hi. It’s Mike here.

It’s probably no surprise that my first entry for our wedding blog is about the music we might feature while our guests enjoy some great Michigan beer and mingle in the Crofoot’s gorgeous space.

Natalie and I envision having live jazz music during the cocktail hour and dinner. But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be Kenny G. (We’re saving that for the honeymoon.) I’m thinking 40s and 50s era jazz would be a perfect dinner accompaniment, a combo that’s more Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue meets Charlie Christian The Genius Meets the Electric Guitar.

This is Brian Cleary's group playing their Monday night set at Dylan's.

When it comes to finding good jazz, we need not look farther than Detroit. One of my friends, Stuart Tucker, plays in Brian Cleary’s jazz group every Monday at Dylan’s in Grosse Point. They are a great, jazz trio that knows how to swing!

But maybe my musical friends deserve a night off to enjoy our wedding, and maybe Natalie and I don’t need a full band to provide the right atmosphere. Could a solo guitar player be the perfect fit?

No, I’m not thinking of playing at my own wedding, but I already know the perfect Ann Arbor based, jazz guitar player I’d love to hire: Jake Reichbart. My good friend and groomsman, Mike Burris, gave me a CD of Jake’s music when we were juniors at WMU, and I was lucky enough to see Jake play a rare show in Fenton when he was coincidentally playing there during my first weekend living there as a first-year teacher.

Jake’s music was a constant soundtrack for all of my twenties, and he would be perfect to help us celebrate my future with my gorgeous bride.


About Mike Vial

I'm a singer-songwriter who sounds like James Taylor and Duncan Sheik.
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