Cocktail Hourski

Mike and I were both born and raised in Michigan by parents who were all born and raised in Michigan. Beyond their generation, however, our families have some pretty awesome heritages that we’d like to incorporate into our day. When we’re thinking cultural heritage, food naturally comes to mind.

I am a mix-breed of German and West Virginian descent. While these are both very interesting and distinct cultures, this vegetarian isn’t exactly geeked at the idea of featuring chicken-fried weinerschnitzel at her wedding. We have therefore decided to forego to the ethnic food piece on my end. I’ll just have to represent my genetics by being even louder and more stubborn than usual.

Here's Mike's cousins Chris, Jen, Dan and Rachel making perogees. Doesn't this picture make you instantly love them and want to be in their family? Me too.

Mike, however, is Polish. He is, in fact, super Polish. When his family gets together for Christmas, they always have homemade pierogis – his busia’s special recipe. She used to make them herself, and in the years before she passed away, Mike’s cousin Jen – who we are honored to have as one of our beautiful bridesmaids – had the opportunity to learn how to make them with her. The whole thing is on video too. It’s delightful. Then, Jen was able to train the whole crew of cousins to make the family favorite for every holiday thereafter.

So it only seems appropriate to feature this family favorite on our wedding day. And what’s more fun than having perogis as one item on the food table? A pierogi bar during cocktail hour!

This little dumpling means a lot to Mike's family, and we're hoping to make it a fun part of our wedding day.

That’s right: we’re going to have a pierogi bar. Pick your flavor. Pick your topping. Grab a Bloody Mari-gan and get ready for the fun to begin!

What other foods should we feature?

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