Michigan Metal Art

As it’s now been four months since our brilliant idea of making an online registry to showcase local and independent stores and makers of things, we finally decided it’s time to get cracking on actually adding things to it. After all, a “traditional” registry consists of taking the afternoon to walk around Macys with a scanner gun, shooting at everything we won’t mind owning. Assembling a piecemeal registry from a bunch of different, interesting sources is going to be a tad more time-consuming.

We actually did start in a store, picking out some lovely kitchen whatnots from a personal favorite of mine, The Brew Krew in East Tawas. If you haven’t been there, it’s totally worth the trip to Tawas to check it out. Plus, when you’re there my mom is likely to make you food and let you sleep on her couch and my dad will allow you to feed his horses out of your hand and pet his crazy-looking chickens. Going to Tawas is always a win-win.

How beautiful is this? Dace makes these awesome window grates with these lovely branches. We're definitely putting this one on our registry.

After that trip, we decided to start thinking about a local artist or crafter we’d like to include on our registry. We’re fortunate to have a handful of uber-talented artist friends whose stuff we’d love to own, but we’d much prefer other people to buy for us. One of these friends is Dace Keogosdkrstnasuskt, who makes awesome metal art. That may or may not be the right way to spell his name, but you can more easily find him on the Interweb by searching for DN2K Metal Arts.

One hundred percent of our photos exist on our computers. We're hoping this cool dnk2 design will inspire us to display our photos better. Maybe wedding pics...?

I’d been peeping on Dace’s awesome work through Facebook for awhile, but once we visited his new website we couldn’t even decide which pieces to put on our registry. He makes such cool things, we literally had to rock-paper-scissors it to choose. We are going to put one of his “artistic works” and two of his “functional works” pieces on our registry. I guess we’re more the utilitarian type as a couple.

Has metal ever been so romantic?

But here’s the other thing: we went to visit his site to find cool stuff to put on our registry only to find that he’s made awesome things specifically for weddings! As our primary mission with this blog is to highlight all the amazing wedding vendors in Michigan, we’d excited to officially add Dace to the list. Check out this sweet cake topper he made, as well as the shepherd hooks that decorated the aisle of this outdoor wedding. So cool.

So who’s your wedding metal artist? Who knew that was a thing? Well, besides Dace, obviously.

These flower balls are so much fun! What better way to dress up an outdoor aisle than some Michigan-made shepherd hooks?

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