Potent Potables in the Peninsula for $500, Alec

We were recently dreaming up some great ideas for a Bloody Mary Bar during our cocktail hour featuring some of Michigan’s yummiest pickled produce, and apparently we forgot something. We’d listed all sorts of deliciouso Bloody Mary ingredients, but then I got a Facebook message from my wedding expert virtuoso, Stephanie:

“What about the vodka?”

Holy cow. Not only had I forgotten the thing that makes a Bloody Mary more significant than a spicy V8, but had totally left out one of Michigan’s newest budding entrepreneurial markets: local distilleries.

I’ll now make up for my grave error by showcasing some of the Mitten’s best potent potables, as Alec Trebek would say, and some excellent Michiganian twists on cocktail ideas.

First, there’s the vodka I should have included in the last post:

Don't let the name fool you: the taste of this vodka, nor the makers' actual dog is in fact ugly.

Ugly Dog Vodka from Chelsea. Just having written a story about them recently, I really have no excuse to have left them out. These guys are truly delightful, have a great story and plucky little operation with an actual (incredibly cute) ugly dog on site. They’re also selling their vodka like crazy. This would definitely be a must-have in our Bloody Michiganders.

What about other cocktails? Well, I’m glad you asked. Since Michigan’s micro-distillery laws changed all sorts of craft distilleries have popped up. One I haven’t tried yet but have

If this does not make you drool all over yourself, there is something wrong with your salivary glands.

heard a lot about is the Grand Traverse Distillery. They make – and I know this will shock you – True North Cherry Vodka. Can you imagine? Real cherry vodka? From Traverse City? I know that having signature cocktails is a big thing at weddings, and I think it’s fair to say that if we decide to with that format, a Traverse City Cherry Martini would be top in our list of finalists.

What about the more fancy-pants liquors? You know, the kind you really need a good mustache to enjoy? While most new Michigan distilleries are just getting into vodka, Grand Traverse

If it were raining and I was stepping out of a carriage, I would expect this bottle of Grand Traverse Distillery Whiskey would take off its cape and lay it over the puddles for me.

Distillery does have a quite gentlemanly-looking whiskey. So gentlemanly, in fact, that it’s called “Old George 100% Straight Rye Whiskey.” Whatever that means and however it may taste, I’ll leave to those with more upper lip hair than myself. It is a pretty stunning bottle though, isn’t it?

Don’t even get us started on Michigan beer. Well, that said, we have already gotten started on our rant about Michigan beer, but have no room to add it into this post. Mike and I are deep devotees to Michigan beer. Our biggest decision in terms of what beer to serve at the wedding will be what kind of Michigan beer won’t we serve? We don’t even know yet. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Any suggestions for other cocktails or liquors we’ve missed?

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