Locally Grown Bridesmaid Advice

As it turns out, excellent wedding advice is another valuable local good that should be taken advantage of during the planning process. Thus begins an intermittent series of tips from Michigan wedding experts, starting with advice on bridesmaid dresses. The most formidable bridesmaid expert I know is my friend Stephanie who has been in something like 26 weddings. Or somewhere around that number.

Stephanie has lots of great advice for bridesmaids and for brides who are hoping to not drive their bridesmaids bonkers. I, incidentally, would like to not drive my girls bonkers.

Good thing there’s Stephanie. She begins with very timely advice for choosing bridesmaid dresses:

The proper answer is….I Do!

I am not talking about His answer…more like the answer you want to hear from your close female friends that you ask to be your BRIDESMAID. Excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Stephanie and I have been a bridesmaid on a few occasions…ok, maybe more than a few.

Natalie has asked for my insight on a vital part of her wedding….her

Stephanie is the queen of all things bridesmaid. She's a pro.

ladies. I promised her a frank detailed report on how she should go about finding her bridesmaid dresses.

When considering style you need to take into account the body types that will be standing next to you at the altar….to your left. When the girls have agreed, and ask for some input on their dresses, you will get:

“I’ll wear whatever you want…it is your day.”

Let’s get serious here. This is an investment and too many times brides pick dresses that are a bit…shall we say, a “hot mess.”

When going to pick out the dress, take the anchor. Who is that you ask? It is usually the biggest, tallest or bustiest bridesmaid. If you can get a flattering dress on her, then you are golden.

Also, think about bedazzle….you may be a plain Jane, but these ladies are there not only to help and support you, but they are there to make you look good! Reminder: there is such a thing as too much BLING!

Watch the cleavage, bra wear ability and most of all HIPS….. Mermaids are meant to be in the ocean…not in your bridal party. Shoes you ask? Comfy and not strappy. Oh you love strappy..Well if your wedding day ends in “y” more than likely there will be lots of standing and yes, their feet will look like a bread basket.

When it comes to jewelry, less is best. Make it mean something and it’s best if given as a gift at the rehearsal dinner or shower.

OH, I almost forgot about fabric. So many to choose from…let start with satin. Good choice in the winter, thick and warm, but the summer time…now that is tricky. Beware that when we sweat (yes, girls sweat) the color changes, so if you pick a dress that is tight in an area or really light in color, it could get interesting as the night wears on.

If the dress you like can stand up by itself, move on. If it does that now, there will be chaffing, and that is never good. Long dresses are more suitable for winter and fall wedding and tea length and short are great for spring and summer.

You never knew so much went into getting a bridesmaid dress, did you?

Oh, I am not done. Where are you going to buy it? If it is a local shop, (which I am assuming) ask them if they ship the dresses to your bridesmaids that live out of town, or if that is your job. Also, ask if they take credit cards over the phone and whether they offer alterations. Before you set your bridesmaids free, be sure you have sent them a picture of the dress with the make and model. Make sure they know that ordering this dress online separate from the rest of the bridesmaids will not be a good thing, and she will be in a dress that is an entirely different color. Most dresses are made from the same dye lot and can get tricky if they try to stray and save money.

I hope that this gets you started into the right direction…I’ll be back!

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