Mitten Sweets

It’s never too early to start thinking about sweets. Whether it’s the official dessert, favors or random yummies sitting around, we’re going to need to feature some of Michigan’s seriously amazing sweet tooth items. Neither Mike and I are crazy about cake, or about giving our guests only one [large, ornate, expensive and not-so-tasty] dessert to eat when there are so many awesome choices to be had. So now we’re soliciting ideas for the following:

  • Fun & yummy dessert options
  • Edible favors, perhaps?
  • Random stuff

We are fortunate enough to have an in in the dessert biz. Our dear friends Sue Treen and April Riley of The Bake Shop in Owosso are treatmakers extraordinaires and virtual idea machines. Here are some of their latest adventures to whet our imaginations and appetites:

Cake pops! They're like cake, but way more fun.

Is it inappropriate to serve muffins at our wedding? Because there are no muffins in the world like Bake Shop muffins.

Ahem. You are looking at a Rice Krispie treat covered with caramel, topped with cashews, dipped in chocolate - on a stick. We could probably save about $10K in catering costs by just feeding everyone one of these and a beer.

Let's not forget the puppies. Take home treats!

OK, your turn! Suggestions?

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3 Responses to Mitten Sweets

  1. Susan Treen says:

    Don’t forget the Cake Shooters.
    Fall wedding – caramel Apple.
    Oh yeah…. Save on dinner and just serve Granola and milk!

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