The Shop Local Registry Quandary

We were surprised to find that several “what to do first” lists recommend getting registered way in the beginning of the wedding planning process. It’s odd to imagine picking out gifts for people to you bring to your wedding when you don’t know when or where the event may take place, but thinking about the concept of a registry brought up an interesting question:

How do we make a Michigan-made registry?

We know one thing for sure: the typical registry locations of Target, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma and Bed, Bath & Beyond are nothing short of the inverse of Michigan made. Other than employing Michigan workers and paying property taxes, these business don’t have a thing to do with our state. They are, however, super convenient. We are inviting guests from all over Michigan, from Florida, Texas, California and more. Were we to just pick a couple of local stores, how would anyone buy the gifts easily?

What’s that? That sounds like a clever way of getting a lot of checks? Indeed. (I’m kidding, Mom. I’m kidding.) But rather than attempt to dupe our guests into sending cash, we’d rather make life easier on them. So how do we build a registry that is both convenient and local?

In case you were wondering what Mike wants for his birthday, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July, it's this: a Nord keyboard. They're just a little bit expensive. Like, we could get one, but then we couldn't have a wedding.

Don’t think we didn’t consider registering at Meijer. Because we totally did. But better yet, it turns out that there are these nifty thingy-ma-sites where you can build online registries. You use them to pick gifts from any store that has items online, or you can create little accounts for cash earmarked for certain things, like a honeymoon. Or, more likely in our case, a Nord keyboard.

This is genius! We can register at stores in a bunch of different cities where our guests are without even leaving our loft. Also, many come with a place for instructions, so you can even put an item on the registry from Target and then tell people that if they can find it from a local vender than please feel free to buy it from them and we can remove it from the list.

How delightful!

Now…which site to choose? Particularly with a “cash” category, we certainly want to pick one that is upstanding and not scammy. Here are a few we’ve found. Have you heard any good or bad feedback on any of these? 

This one may be the most popular. I’m basing this guess purely on the

This one places emphasis on registering at local places. We like that.

fact that it was featured in Brides Magazine. I feel like this means if they are scammy in any way I can call Brides Magazine throw a fit. Because I bet they never encounter brides throwing fits at them.


A good name does mean a lot. And wishbin is a sweet name.

This one has the best name by far. It also doesn’t have as many options to view sample registries and read FAQs before signing up, so that’s doesn’t inspire a ton of enthusiasm on our part.

Gift Registry 360

Gift Registry 360 is a part of the Knot, which is very reassuring. The Knot is the guru of all things wedding online. However, from a glance

A site from The Knot probably means only good things.

at the website, I’m not sure if you can add gifts from anywhere, or just their “partners” like Macy’s and Target. That would be a big bummer, because the layout is very nice. More research necessary.

Thoughts? Ideas? Anywhere we’ve missed?

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7 Responses to The Shop Local Registry Quandary

  1. Mike says:

    Let’s note for irony, Nords aren’t MI made; in fact, they are made in SWEDEN!

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  5. Shiloh Wint says:

    Your blog is awesome! I too am engaged and planning a wedding focused on being local and also eco-friendly. I was just wondering if the online registry site you have chosen has no surcharges? I would love to do something besides Amazon but want to avoid surcharges if possible. Happy Spring!

    • natalieburg says:

      Thanks so much, Shiloh! Congrats on your wedding as well! I don’t believe that has any surcharges, though I have to admit, I’m not much of a fine print reader. I’ve had a great experience with it so far, and adding things was really easy. I had one issue, and their customer service was quick and helpful. Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your planning!

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