The Venue Shortlist

We’ve done it!

Well, we’ve done something. We’ve looked at all 3565 reception venues listed in various Michigan wedding magazines and have made a shortlist. Here they are, five venues that we will visit, peruse and inquire after, during which we will hem, haw, examine and imagine how our Michigan celebration could unfold in each.

The Gem Theater, Detroit

We heart brick.

We think this is lovely.

Pretty sweet. I don't know who these guys are, but they're looking quite hip below that sign.

Dance floor!

The Royal Park Hotel, Rochester

What do you think? You're going to notice a recurrence of brick buildings.


Wowzers. That is an aisle.

That is one shiny dance floor.

The Crofoot Ballroom, Downtown Pontiac

Hip? Classy? Yes. The first stage on which I saw Mike play a show? Indeed.

That is some serious ambiance. This is the mezzanine overlooking the main floor and stage.

That, my friends, is a nice sign.

This picture doesn't show much of the room, but it really captures the essence of the venue.

 The Rattlesnake Club, Detroit

Ooo! That is fancy.

I wonder if the horn players come with the venue...

The sun is really nice coming in, right?

The Henry Ford Museum

We want historic. Can you beat the Henry Ford for Michigan history?

That looks like one fun fancy pants party.

There are excellent black and white pictures of people dancing in this room in the early 1900s. We like that.

That looks like a nice place for cocktail hour!


What do you think?! Thoughts? Ideas? Did we miss any great spots!

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10 Responses to The Venue Shortlist

  1. Bec says:

    i love them all! It will be so hard to pick. I can tell that I am going to want to get an extra-special dress for this wedding! 🙂

  2. Elnian says:

    Hi Natalie!! If the room you’re looking at at the Henry Ford is Lovett Hall, I can attest to how lovely it is. I’ve been to a couple of Contra dances there over the years, and it’s a really cool, historic facility.

  3. Alex Beaton says:

    I’m a big fan of the Crowfoot Ballroom! 🙂 All look awesome though!

  4. charissa says:

    Love the Crofoot, Royal Park hotel and Henry Ford. Love, love, the brick especially at the Royal Park. But again loving the Crofoot.

  5. They all look great! But, I vote for the Crofoot ballroom simply because of YOUR history there. Call me a cheeseball (Austin does it all the time!) but I think it would be so awesome to get married where you first saw Mike play!

    See you this weekend for Nichelle and Drew’s wedding 🙂

  6. My baby sis got married at the estate and it was GORGEOUS. We had cocktails and dancing on the back patio and porch, all done in flagstones, and dinner in the pool room. You have to bring your own booze, but the pictures you can get just on the grounds are amazing.

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