Making Time to Make a Date

Anyone who is a reader of my personal blog knows that I have a mild obsession with the topic of time management. It’s always on my mind. Being self-employed means that every day I wake up and make my own day. It would seem the ideal situation for planning a wedding, right?

OK, so we haven't only been working overtime. We've made it to an array of fun events as well, including Mike's cousin's delightful wedding. A photobooth is definitely on the great ideas list.

Well…maybe not. As it turns out, without a normal work schedule I am also without the normal set times one would squeeze planning a wedding into, i.e., evenings, weekends, lunch hours and when the boss is standing far enough of your desk to not hear.

My boss is listening in to every phone call. She also is quite fascist about my lunch breaks, and lately she’s been stacking up my weekends and evenings with enough work to keep me my schedule even more out of wack.

And then I had an out-of-state conference.

And then our dog got super sick.

And then I realized one very important thing: these things are not going to stop happening. Well, I hope Gunshy stops getting sick, but the other things are just life. If we want to get married – which trust me, we super do – we are going to have to just make it happen. We’re going to have to pencil it in.

It’s been almost four weeks since our last post. We have been very, very naughty fiancées. But we are going to be better. Mike’s last day of school is Tuesday. From that moment forward we’ll be a pair of self-employed bumbleheads trying to be productive in spite of each other. We will, however, succeed. We will call our six

Let's not underestimate the time and extreme focus that having a sick puppy takes up in our world. How could the world not stop when this face isn't feeling well?

possible venues this week and make appointments to see them. I will write about those venues and give an overview of each.

We will. We must. Because if we can’t make time to plan a wedding, how are we going to make time to have a life once we’re married?

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