Less Blogging – More Planning!

As with all new projects, My Mitten in Yours has thus far turned out some interesting results – including unexpected ones. We’ve been absolutely delighted with the outpouring of ideas and readership. Yea! Keep it coming – we need all the help we can get.

Here’s one of the more unintended consequences of the blog: it sort of makes us feel like we’re getting something done when we haven’t actually done anything. Oops!

Sure, we’ve done lots of conceptualizing. And that’s all well and good. A major benefit to writing everything out and getting lots of opinions is that it really forces us to think about what we want. For someone as impulsive and possessing of a short attention span like myself, this is a rare and valuable step.

It is a Michigan tradition to rejoice when spring finally arrives, instantly forgetting all cares and very recent cold weather grumbling. This year, the nice weather totally freaked me out.

Something happened this week, however. The weather got warm. When it was freezing out all the way into April, the wedding felt very far away. After all, we had to wait for the world to warm up, get hot than get cool – and then cold – and then warm all the way up again before our late summer 2012 wedding would be pending. Plenty of time, right?

But then it warmed up. Now it seems we’re but one winter away from needing to be ready – and we don’t even have a venue picked out! We don’t even know what city we’re going to choose!

Brides: Michigan also had some great dress and flower ideas.

So this weekend, I got out a sharpie and my Metro Detroit Bride & Brides: Michigan magazines and I Googled, investigated and crossed off about 150 vendors. This morning Mike has taken up his sharpie as well and we’re continuing the hunt. We have about 75 venues to go.

Here are our goals:

  • To have a list of 6-9 vendors to call and inquire after this week.
  • To have appointments set to view 4-7 places in June.
  • To feel as if we have done something concrete so we can stop freaking out and enjoy the nice weather.
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2 Responses to Less Blogging – More Planning!

  1. Courtney says:

    Love your blog! What a great idea – looking forward to hearing about all your wedding plans!

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