Your Invitation to our Wedding Brand

Is it too early to talk about invitations when you don’t have a date set yet? Oh good, because here goes:

Part of the awesomeness that is is my job is that I get to meet a lot of amazing people who are doing amazing things all the time. The other day I was lucky enough to share a coffee with Rebecca Eldridge of Rizzi Designs in Lansing while working on a story for Capital Gains. While the purpose of our meeting was to talk about a client of hers we got to chatting about all sorts of things, and she happened to mention one of Rizzi’s newest divisions,  RD I Do, a service to brand your wedding day.

Whoa. Hold the phones.

If you want to really squeal with delight, check out their blog entry called, "Literature, Life and Love."

That’s right. Their clever and creative brains came up the brilliantly simple idea of acting as visual and thematic consultants to make for a coordinated and gorgeous wedding from the invitations to the favors to the centerpieces.

Wowzers. If you are a branding enthusiast like myself, you are probably salivating in the same way I may have been into my coffee when I learned of this wonder. Can you imagine having these divas of design swoop in, help brand your day and the garnish it with coordinated trappings and thematic consistency? If you’re feeling yourself getting worked into a frenzy now, brace yourself before checking out their blog. Dee. Light. Ful.

Lucky me, my best friend is a graphic designer. As is her sister who is also a great friend of mine. (See, I told you I’m spoiled with all these talented friends!) And we already know our wedding brand is “Michigan-made.” Are there services from which I could benefit offered by RD I Do if I already have these things in place? I don’t know. Don’t think I won’t be investigating this. Perhaps after we have, say, a date, or maybe even a budget worked out. Details…

For the time being, however, discovering their existence has been a wellspring of inspiration. Approaching the design of our wedding from the same angle I might approach the community branding I do with New Moon Visions is genius. Working with my team creative compadres, we’ll be able to take “Michigan-made” and begin to build a brand.

First, we’ll need a color palette. Assuming we’re looking at late-summer or early fall, any suggestions?

Here are a few I’ve found that I like:

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13 Responses to Your Invitation to our Wedding Brand

  1. Suzy says:

    I love the colors on ties. I don’t think that I have ever been to a wedding with that color scheme before.

  2. Alisa says:

    I’m so excited about all the bold colors I’m seeing!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Me too! I love the navy and magenta arrangement, and also the one with the pink bow ties on the plates. Vibrant and witty, just like our Natalie 🙂

  4. Emily S says:

    Lovely palattes! I think you would be good with any of those themes 🙂 I found your blog through Alisa’s and am loving your Michigan made theme. I just wanted to throw out there that I do wedding cakes (and cupcakes, and cake pops, and pies, and all other baked goods) out of my house here in Ann Arbor, MI. You can check out my blog or my flickr page for examples –

    Have fun planning!

  5. Andrea says:

    You know I’m a fan of the bright colors, pink haha. That’s just me though.

  6. Charissa says:

    Wow these are all great. I’m torn I like the first one, I love the colors. The third one has more classic colors which I like as well. Bold is the way to go though.

  7. Dave Ivers says:

    I just love it when I catch you. [Only because you’re so good.] I suspect you mean “color palette”. ;->=

    Great writing, though. I’ve been sending some of your other stuff to my students.

  8. Dave Ivers says:

    I’m an odd guy. Like almost all of them, I don’t enjoy wedding planning. OTOH, I truly enjoy any wedding where the happy couple truly is there to celebrate their union with family and friends. I’m sure whatever event you have will be joyous.

    I wish the two of you years and years and years of good health, enough money to enjoy the health and one another, and enough difficulty to keep life interesting.

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