Picking a Date via the Produce Method

Mike and I are in an interesting position in that we have absolutely no life happenings that would dictate when we should or should not get married. No college graduations, no residence changes, no babies pending – nothing. We could literally get married next weekend or in two years.

Well, next weekend is out. I have plans to hang out with a friend. And two years might be too long for me to wait to wear my super pretty wedding band that I’m already having trouble keeping my hands off of. So I guess those are the parameters: we’ll be getting married sometime after next weekend and before two years from now. Perfect!

While I cannot deny that this cake is amazing, I hesitate to plan an asparagus-themed wedding.

But of course I’m lying when I way we have absolutely no wedding criteria, aren’t I? The very fact that we are so geeked to have a Michigan wedding with Michigan food and flowers and talent and everything is our single criterion and this definitely applies to the timing of our wedding. If you’re wondering how so, you’ve obviously not gone in search of Michigan-grown produce in January. The pickins are slim. So December to May are definitely out. So that cancels out the next few weekends and the Winter of 2012.


But wait – we’re narrowing in even further now. Unless we’d like a fancy-pants catered wedding dinner of asparagus and asparagus and to have tulips as our primary flower, spring can be hard to count on in Michigan too.

And then there’s this: there is nothing so amazingly wonderful to me than a fresh, Michigan-grown tomato. Oh my goodness. They are nature’s perfect food, needing no salt, sugar or dressing. I live for them. I eat them like apples. From about mid-July to early

If you think were silly to plan our wedding around Michigan tomato season, you clearly have not had one lately. Wait until August and youll totally get it.

fall I have to buy about a dozen tomatoes at the farmer’s market to make it through a week. Garden-fresh tomatoes are a must.

So it was this way that we found a single criteria around which to plan our date. With no life changes to direct us, we’ll simply have to base the timing of our wedding on the pursuit of the perfect tomato. And with the perfect tomato comes all the other amazing vegetables, flowers and amenities of Michigan in the late summer and early fall.

If you didn’t catch our to-do list, you’ll know exactly why late summer/early fall 2012 is our target date. Yeah…we’ve got a lot to do.

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4 Responses to Picking a Date via the Produce Method

  1. Rebecca says:

    Delightful post! The asparagus cake caption made me giggle. I always thought it would be fun to try a “Tomato Dinner Party” to celebrate the height of tomato season- I heard a chef talking about it on the Splendid Table last summer. I found some of the menus… Tomato Cocktails? Tomato Tart Tatin with Lemon Verbena Ice Cream? http://www.chez-pascal.com/TomatoDinnerMenus_000.htm

  2. Nick says:

    I am sooo super excited for you, and I loved this post. I think EVERYONE should use this as their criteria for their wedding date….what they like, and what is available.

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