Engagement Photography

A couple of weeks ago I was having drinks with a friend of mine and she said,

“So…do you have any plans for engagement photos yet?”

She was grinning and practically wringing her and hand in such a way that suggested that she wasn’t just curious; she was hinting at something.

See what I mean? She's good.

But, by no impetus of my own, I did already have a photographer lined up for engagement photos! So sad for my other friend who was hoping to get dibs on the job, but my good friend and photographer extraordinaire Andrea Lawson announced to me a clear month before Mike and I became engaged that my birthday present from her would be a “couples shoot.” To which my answer was,

“Cool! Sort of weird, but cool!”

Do Mike and I really have to pose together? Gazing at each other and whatnot? But when an uber-talented photographer offers to take pictures of you for any occasion, it just makes sense to say yes. And though I am confident I would have had to be talked into engagement photos in the first place, there’s nothing like being barraged by offers of free photo sessions to make the decision for you. I mean honestly, considering how much weddings cost, saying no to any freebie – whether it was in the plans or not – just seems silly.

While being showered with offers for free engagement photography is great (and weird), it’s not all that surprising as I happen to be friends with a handful of truly talented photographers. Minus the battling over who has dibs on the engagement photos, this makes us a lucky couple. But guess what? We’re actually too close to our talented

I guess if Andrea can make them look cool and not creepy, maybe she can do her magic on us too.

photographer friends. It’s all well and good to have a friend do engagement photos, it doesn’t work out the same way for the actual wedding. You sort of want your friends to, you know, enjoy your wedding – not be working your wedding.

So woe is us. So much amazing photography talent; no access to such talent for the actual wedding. We are, therefore, officially taking suggestions for Michigan photographers. Know of any?

Oh, and the engagement shoot is a few months off. But I’ll be sure to bless you with our creepy gazing at each other as soon as they’re available!

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10 Responses to Engagement Photography

  1. Rachael says:

    You should think about doing some shots of the two of you just having fun. It will feel less cheesy. It’s what my brother and his wife did and their pictures turned out great!

  2. alainarkraus says:

    Here are a couple of photographers that I know of in the Owosso area –


    I don’t actually know them through photography so I can’t speak to their portfolios, but I figured I’d pass them along for you to be able to check out 🙂

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  4. erin says:

    Kai Heeringa Photography, tell em’ Erin Ladley sent ya. Amazing!

  5. Hi Natalie, a Facebook friend linked to this site and I love everything you’re doing! I’m a photographer (based in Lansing), and I’d love to meet you and your fiance!

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