The Engagement Ring

You could say Mike was at a little bit of a disadvantage when he was engagement ring shopping. That is, he didn’t know we were having a Michigan-made wedding wedding because, well, not being yet engaged he had yet to discuss such things.

Considering diamonds are not mined anywhere in Michigan (that we’re aware of, anyway), he still gets an A+ in the engagement ring picking category. Unaware of any conspiring on my part, Mike took advantage of one of his January snow days to hop from one downtown jeweler to the next to find the perfect ring.

Heres Yax Jewelers in Downtown Howell. Hows that for local, Michigan shopping?

According to him, it was love at first sight when he made his first stop at Yax Jewelers in Downtown Howell. Yes, it is right across the street from our loft. Could I have seen him

sneaking into the jewelry store from my office if I’d known I should be snooping? Yup? But I guess when you know your soon-to-be-fiance is shop local fanatic, it’s worth the risk.

He made some other visits to a few jewelers in Downtown Brighton too, but ultimately knew the first one he saw was it: a round-cut diamond ring with ten diamonds set in the band. Oh, and it has a matching wedding band with a whole bunch of other diamond set in it. Each one is absolutely gorgeous, and together…let’s just say it’s going to be long, agonizing wait until I get to wear them as a set. (I may or may not wear them around the house together sometimes when Mike’s at work. Is that bad luck?)

Mike proposed in a fancy-pants restaurant overlooking San Francisco Bay. It was absolutely perfect in every way. So perfect, in fact, that I was absolutely speechless for the

This was the approximate view from the proposal site. Not too shabby.

first time in my life. For a full five minutes or so, the world was finally blessed with an absence of my commentary as I stared back and forth from the ride to the poor, unanswered Mike. He didn’t seem too concerned, however. I think he knew my answer in advance.

After all, he already knew that buying my (gorgeous, phenomenal) engagement ring from a locally-owned jeweler was exactly what I wanted. Of course he knew what my answer would be as well.

You think all the other decisions will be so easy? I guess we’ll see!

The first landmark in our quest for a Michigan-made wedding - a ring from a Downtown Howell jeweler!

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3 Responses to The Engagement Ring

  1. Mike Vial says:

    OK, I didn’t know I’d have to continue hiding rings AFTER the proposal, but I guess I’ll need to hide that wedding band in an undisclosed location (probably a guitar case) so Natalie doesn’t jinx us! (PS: Nat, great first blog!)

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